MARK-65.5 provides a highly reflective surface, visible over a long distance, during the day and night conditions on both asphalt and concrete surfaces. It is available in traffic safety colors.


  • High night time (wet and dry) reflectivity.
  • High daytime visibility.
  • High abrasion resistance - holds well under industrial and highway traffic
  • Completely impervious to salt, grease, oils, acids, alkalis and common solvent spillage.
  • Very high shear bond, tensile and compressive strengths.
  • Bonds well to clean, dust free asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • Good retention of high density, high reflectant glass beads to offer constant shine throughout the life of the system.
  • Good adhesion to new concrete.
  • Quick setting, allowing traffic to be opened without delay.
  • Capable of curing at temperature conditions of 35 F and above.
  • Nonflammable, non-pollutant and free of solvents.
  • 100% solids - no loss or shrinkage in the mil thickness during drying or curing of the coating.
  • Applicable within hours of freshly placed asphalt.
  • Available in traffic safety colors.

Recommended Use

  • Long life and highest day/night visibility during wet and dry conditions.
  • Safety line marking on roads and highways.
  • High traffic areas requiring rapid track free.
  • Long-life marking for food processing and other chemical plants requiring high chemical resistance to corrosive chemicals.

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